Personal Statement

Hello! I am Benjamin Davis. Web Designer, Developer and Graphic Designer.

I’m a highly motivated and hardworking individual, who completed my GCSE’s and received excellent grades in both Maths and Physics. I am mathematically minded, with a methodical approach to working and an eagerness to learn and develop personal skills in a practical setting.

Basic Information
93 Lower Park Road, Hastings
Key Skills
Computer system upgrades
Web and mobile application design
Work under pressure
Commitment & enthusiasm
Microsoft Suite
Work Experience

Summer 2016

General Assistant at Technoturn Hastings (Unpaid work experience)

Duties included:

  • Designing parts for CNC milling.
  • Responsibility for stock intake.
  • Inspecting parts for quality insurance.
  • Helping with machine maintenance.
  • Responsibility for insuring functionality of products.

(April 2016 – present)

Benjamin Davis - Web Design
Independent Web-Designer

Duties included:

  • Advertising and contacting companies to attract clients.
  • Designing Wire-frame and more advanced websites.
  • Coding using HTML and CSS to develop websites.
  • Creating and manipulating FTP file servers for client access.

Summer 2017

Your Welcome
Designer at Your Welcome London (unpaid work experience)

Duties included:

  • Working closely with the design team.
  • Working individually to design a section of their OS.
  • Conducting market research.

My hobbies

I run a group with some people of similar age in which we raise money to create support packages for underprivileged youth in Hastings. For that I am the Leader, which includes ensuring all money is correctly accounted for and distributed between our projects fairly. I organise meetings, for example our meeting in the Houses of Parliament and our meetings with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Hastings. We have also done advertising and got our group on local radio stations as well as in the local press.

I am passionate about coding and web-design and am learning more coding languages such as PHP and C# to help further develop my existing skills. I am also interested in learning foreign languages, I took GCSE Spanish and am trying to improve my fluency by talking to someone who recently has come to England for a year from Spain.


Summer 2018

Level 1 Award
Level 1 Award


  • Managing Personal Finance
  • Internet Safety
  • Citizenship
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Understanding Business and Employment
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Healthy Living

Summer 2018

Level 2 Award
Level 2 Award


  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Healthy Living

2013 - 2018


Robertsbridge Community College

  • English – 6
  • English Lit – 7
  • Physics – 8
  • Maths – 8
  • ICT – A
  • Product Design – A*
  • RE – 6
  • Chemistry – 7
  • Biology – 7
  • Spanish – 4

2012 - 2015

Electic Guitar
Electric Guitar

University of West London

  • Grade 6 - 2015
  • Grade 5 - 2014
  • Grade 4 - 2013
  • Grade 3 - 2013
  • Grade 2 - 2013
  • Grade 1 - 2013
  • Preliminary - 2012

Contact Me
Feel free to contact me


93 Lower Park Road, Hastings